Essential gear to pack to work from anywhere in the world

We don’t need to be reminded that a global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we operate and that includes the way we work. One of the benefits of sophisticated technology means you can work from a plethora of unique places, you just need to be prepared and have the right gear.

Below we outline the essential kit:

  • Obviously, a strong Wi-Fi connection, so a houseboat in Kerala, India, may not make the cut
  • An adjustable laptop stand – you don’t realise how much you need one until you’ve used one and seen the comfort of having your screen and neck at eye level. Buy one that can be flat packed into your laptop bag
  • A multidevice Bluetooth keyboard for frequent writers is a win, especially tied in with the laptop stand. Logitech has a great keyboard with AA rated batteries pre-installed that last a minimum of 2 years
  • Similar to the above, a Logitech Bluetooth mouse that scrolls on any surface (beer coaster anyone?) is always a win, especially for people who struggle using a tiny, central pad
  • The worst thing for remote working is sitting down to work at a trendy new café and realising that the one cable you need is missing – enter an all in 1 hub where 11 different ports are available for everything you need – this has become a must have! Try Anker Power Expand as the perfect hub.
  • Some people can’t concentrate with noise around them, and focus better with music or noise cancelling earphones on. The Sony 1000XM4 Headphones are made to sync with 2 devices, so enjoy listening to your Spotify Playlist and effortlessly switch to your Zoom conference call
  • Lastly, you need a slick bag for everything to fit into. An absolute winner is the Thule backpack that’s stylish, has a sleek pocket for your laptop, an anti theft lock on the upper pockets and has enough zips and pockets to house all your cords and paraphernalia

Now you’re set. With the above in tow, you can work from anywhere with confidence, knowing you’re fully kitted out for any occasion. Barcelona anyone?

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